How long does the season last?
The City Bikes are available as long as there’s no ice on the ground, normally from April to the start of December 

Opening hours
The City Bikes are available from 06 am to midnight. 

Do I have to pay with my phone?
No, entering your mobile number and verification code is only to confirm who you are. The payment is by your preferred payment card.

I have received an Oslo City Bike gift card. How do I get started?
Lucky you! Register your value code on or in the app, and follow the steps from there. 

Is there a GPS on the bikes?
No, we do not have a GPS on the bikes. 

Are the bikes electric?

Where did the old bikes go?
The old bikes belonged to Clear Channel Norway and many of them are now living their glory days in facilities in other cities using the same types of bike. The rest were donated to a project named "Bikes to Cuba". 

How can I stay up to date?
Follow us on Facebook for updates on what’s going on. 

I have more questions!
You can send us a message here or in the app. You can also email us at

We love hearing from you and will answer you as fast as we can! You can also reach us by phone +47 91589700 between 09.00 - 15.00, Monday to Friday. 

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