Without the App
If you're not using the app, you can use the screens on our stations to unlock bikes. In order to do that, you have to make your own personal PIN-code:

  1. Log in through our homepage
  2. Scroll a bit down on the first page you land on until you get to "By PIN code"
  3. Add the PIN code you want 

Remember that the code is personal.
Use your phone number and code to unlock bikes. Remember to check if the bike is locked when you park the bike. 

How to park a bike: 

  1. Wait until the light next to the lock stops flashing (takes about three seconds)
  2. Try pulling the bike out of the lock
  3. If it's stuck, you're good! 

NB! Remember to check that you don't park the bike in a lock with a red X next to it. This means that the lock is broken and will not lock the bike correctly. 

Find bikes
You'll find an overview of all our stations here. There you can see available bikes and locks at any given station.

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