60 minutes

We want to help you to travel efficiently from one place to another. That's why we want the bikes to either be out rolling or docked to a station ready for the next person wanting a ride. We noticed that a lot of the bikes were laying around in parks and outside of cafés while the nearby stations where empty. 

New time limit

During last season, we got a lot of inquiries regarding the rental time. Therefore we decided to add another 15 minutes!

With a 60 minute rental time we want to prevent cold seats while making the bikes accessible for sharing throughout the day. With the new rental time most of our members will be able to use the bikes like they have previous seasons, and it will motivate our city bikers to dock the bikes while not in use. 

If you want a longer trip with the bikes, that is fully possible! You can pay a little extra for a longer ride. Read more about this here.

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